Make and sell Christmas Decorations

We all like to decorate our homes for Christmas but lots of don't have the time or talent to make the decorations ourselves.

christmasBuying decorations from large chain stores is not most peoples idea of the Christmas spirit, and if asked we all agree we would prefer to buy homemade ornaments and decorations from local craftsmen and women who have put a bit of heart and soul into making Christmas decorations.

If you are good at making things you might consider creating and selling decorations for Christmas. it could be a fun hobby or a whole new career move for you.

What christmas crafts can you make?

It is up to you. Wreaths, Table Centre pieces, candle holders or tree ornaments. The choice is endless. For a bit of inspiration on what to try making why noit go to the shops and see what sells. Ask the staff what does well and think about whether you could make a similar but prettier version yourself.

Think creatively about materials and colours. The best decorations are not always made from the most expensive materials. Think about what people want to see in their houses.

Of course the web is great for ideas and we are sure that you will find something that you can make that will look great. (Always remember that a bit of glitter can do wonders).

First steps to building a business

Make yourself a small batch of decorations. Think about how to display them. It doesn't have to be fancy, but it should have christmas appeal.Now take your small display to a local car-boot or flea market sale. Don't worry about selling too many, but use the morning for market reasearch. This means asking lots of people about whether they like your decorations and what price they think you should sell them for. Ask whether they have any suggestions for you to help improve your product. Above all, speak to LOTS of people. After a couple of hours you will most likely have a whole heap of ideas and will also have a firm understanding of whether your christmas craft business is going to work for you.

If you decide to go ahead, build up your stock and start selling. You can go back to car boot sales, craft fairs and so on. You can also sell your christmas decorations online. I recommend the 1and1 shop service if you are a complete beginner when it comes to websites. They are a huge website company and have a very good track record.

You can also consider ebay or other auction sites to sell your easter crafts.

Remember to take high quality photos so that people will see exactly what they are getting.

If after a few weeks it looks like it is going to be a big success, then think about setting up a company.

Create your crafts with love and care and sell them with humility and honesty. If you put some love in, you will get a lot out and your christmas decoration business be a big success that will bring joy to lots of your neighbours.

Growing your business

If making your decorations and ornaments takes a long time, you may get frustrated and consider shortcuts such as buying in stock from christmas wholesale companies. While there is nothing wrong with this, remember to choose carefully and do not dilute your brand's reputation for quality in the pursuit of a quick profit. In the long run your reputation will serve you very well if you look after it.



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