Mulled Cider Recipe

glass of hot mulled ciderWe make our own cider from apples in the garden, so on a cold christmas morning a hot glass of spicy apple flavoured heaven is a perfect way to welcome friends and family to a Christmas feast.

Christmas Cider Ingredients

Serves 4

How to make Mulled Cider

It is very easy to mull cider.

Using a sharp knife, split the cinnamon, lemon grass and vanilla pods lengthwise.

Heat the cider in a saucepan and add all the other ingredients. Stir well to melt the sugar. Do not allow it to boil, but heat till almost too hot to drink. The longer you leave the ingredients to stew together, the more alcohol evaporates and the more concentrated the flavours become, so it is a balancing act to get it right. Therefore taste it regularly. Between 5 and 10 minutes is usually about right.

Strain the cinnamon, lemon grass and vanilla pods and serve in toddy glasses or coffee mugs.

A non-alcoholic version can be made using apple juice which can be served to the kids. Other than replacing cider with apple juice, the ingredients and method are identical.


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