holly christmas wreaths

holly wreathChristmas decorations start at the front door. Here's how to make a lovely wreath for xmas.

1) Make a circle of wire about 60cm across by wrapping a loop of thick wire round a suitable object such as a wide bucket. Allow lots of overlap and twist the ends together . It doesn't need to be neat at this stage.

2) Take lots of moss (and I mean lots...the more the better) and attach it to the big circle by binding the moss on with thin florists wire. Completely cover the whole ring with moss.

christmas baubles


3) now wire on lots of holly. You MUST wear gloves or else you will get lots of small but deep pinpricks in your hands that will make you unhappy.

4) Add some different green foliage such as variegated ivy. Secure bunches all the way around the wreath until the moss is completely hidden.

5) Now you can add berries, ribbons, dried orange slices, twigs, pine cones and anything else that takes your fancy. Again, use florist wire to attach them, or a dab of super glue can be a real help with the more fiddly extras.

6) Finally, hang your completed wreath on the front door.

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