Decorating xmas trees

Decorating a Christmas tree is an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Whether yours is a tabletop artificial christmas tree or a freshly felled 40 year old nordic fir, the joy of decorating should not be turned into a chore.

christmas baubles

christmas treeDid you know that in Northen Europe the tradition is to decorate the tree on Christmas Eve. The benefits of waiting so long is that you don't get 'christmas fatigue, because the holiday only becomes real when the tree is up. The second benefit is that you dont get neeedle drop and because the trees are fresh, the use of real candles on the tree is still possible without too great a risk of fire.

It is believed that the christmas tree dates back to a Germanic Pagan tradition of taking a bush indoors for the winter to provide the woodlands spirits with a warm winter home. The bush would be taken outside at the first sign of spring before the spirits awoke to wreak havoc through the house. This particular belief my be the root of the tradition that it is bad luck to keep the tree indoors beyond the official date of 12th night (originally it was the festival of Candlemas on Feb 2nd).

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