Christmas Vacations

Many people travel away from the cold and head to tropical clims at Christmas. Paradise Island in the maldives is known for its popularity as a christmas destination.

For a warmer Christmas in Europe, Greek islands such as Rhodes, and Turkey are popular and southern spain, although rarely warm enough for a beach holiday in december is still attractive.

christmas baubles


Australia is in the middle of their summer and a barbie on the beach is considered a very good way to spend the holiday.

The indian resort of Goa is also considered by Europeans as a great christmas holiday venue.

North Americans head south to Florida or California, although more adventurous trips down to mexicos baha peninsula or to visit yucatan are also rewarding ways to avoid santa.

People often think of Christmas vacations as prohibitively expensive, but if you shop around you can find cheap flights either side of Christmas.

Hotels sometimes have amazing value last minute rooms around the Christmas holidays. Sometimes really good hotels offer 4 and 5 star rooms at bargain prices. Why bother seeking the sun when you can relax in a luxury hotel and be pampered by staff by a raoring log fire?

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