Christmas Cards

Sir Henry Cole sent the first christmas card in 1843. Today there are something like three billion christmas cards sent around the world each year. But even this is now exclipsed by the billions of ecards (electronic christmas cards) sent via the internet.


We write to people at Christmas whom we like having in our lives. It is a way of reaching out to say hello. When we send a christmas card we are communicating our warm feelings toward the recipient.

Hallmark, the worlds largest and most famous card company introduced its first Christmas cards in 1915.

Free Christmas Cards

Here are some free christmas cards designed by Chris Brown for you to print off and colour in yourself. Just click to view a full size image and then download it to your pc.

christmas card santa card

Make your own Christmas Cards.

christmas tree cardBrent Windsor has a great idea for creating amazingly professional syle cartoon christmas tree cards on your computer.

This tree looks professional, but can be created by a 10 year old.

We hope you enjoy these xmas holday cards."


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