Christmas Markets of Europe

Many people travel to certain european towns to visit their Christmas markets that spring up during December. Most European Christmas Markets start in the last week of November and run through to Christmas Eve.

christmas treeThe Christmas Market experience usually includes a glass or two of Gluhwein or local variation and a Lebkuchen gingerbread treat before the serious shopping begins.

On mainland Europe the woodcarving traditions mean there are many fantastic wooden toys such as eastern european marionettes or German Noah's Arks.

Sweets and treats feature heavily in the French Christmas Markets. In England they are more commercialised than most, but Bath's Market suceeds in delivering the magic of Christmas.

Munich is my personal favourite Christmas Market because of the wonderful variety and high quality of goods on offer. Prague's Christmas Market comes a close second for content but is definitely top of the list when it comes to location and atmosphere.


If you get the opportunity to visit one of Europe's traditional Christmas Markets you will have a wonderful time and will effortlessly and happily fall into the christmas spirit.

Where to find the best Christmas Markets?

Central and northern european christmas markets have the added delight of high possibility of snow.

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