Christmas Hampers

Christmas Hampers are wicker boxes, filled with food and drink, traditionally given as Christmas gifts. The worlds most famous Christmas hampers come from Harrods.

Christmas Hampers come in all shapes and sizes, but a combination of sweet, savoury and a little tipple of something alcoholic is usually featured.

christmas hamper

You don't have to go for shop-bought Christmas Hampers. If you can get a whicker basket you can make up an individual basket to give to a loved one, filled with things that you know they will particularly enjoy.


A typical Christmas Hamper

Christmas Hampers are great for when someone cannot be with the rest of the family, because you can insert notes, pictures and other little items to remind them that they are loved and missed.

The History of Christmas hampers

Christmas Hampers were originally an offshoot of the english 'Boxing day' tradition when masters would give servants boxes full of useful gifts on the 26th December.

Christmas hampers are still given as Christmas gifts to employees, valued business clients or for family and friends. They usually contain the standard Christmas fayre as I outlined above, but these days there a Christmas hamper companies offering all sorts of specially themed hamper choices.

Christmas Hampers are a great present. I have received 5 over the years and remember the sender of each very fondly.

Suggestions for what to put in a Christmas Hamper

Here is a suggested contents list if you are making up your own Christmas hamper to give as a gift.

Bottle of good red wine
Bottle of good white wine or champagne
A Jar of Mixed Nuts
A Traditional Victorian Christmas Pudding (500g)
Mince Pies (x6)
A quality jam or marmalade
A jar of English christmas chutney
Some fancy biscuits
A small German stöllen cake
A small Italian panetoni cake
Some Belgian or Swiss Truffles (200g)

If the recipients have kids, then a couple of tiny kids books (Peter Rabbit for example) might be a warmly welcomed addition.

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