Decorating the Chrstmas Dinner Table

Decorating the table for the Christmas dinner is a great way to make the day even more memorable. A bit of clever colour coordination can make a christmas table come alive.

Here are out top ten christmas table decorating tips.

Firstly take a look at the non-negotiables. If you have a specific colour of plates then this is going to set the base colour for your entire design. Many of us have plain white plates which is excellent because any other accent colours will work well with them.

Christmas Table Runners

A table runner is a strip of material that runs the length of the middle of the table (where the serving bowls are placed). If you cannot afford new tablecloths but want a new look for your table this year why not just get a new runner. They dont even have to be cloth. Paper runners can work well too if made from brightly printed paper. We have even used a roll of christmas wrapping paper as a runner to make a bold statement.

Once you have chosen your runner, then the next step is to think about accent colours. Unless you have a natural eye for colour combinations, use a colour wheel. Find your original colour and choose accent colours that are aprroximately one third and two thirds around the wheel.

colour wheel For example, if you had a greeny-yellow runner, then an orangey-red or purply-blue accent would work well with it.

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