Angel Decoration

Here are two free and easy decoration for the kids to make at Christmas.

Paper Angels

This is very simple and just takes a few minutes.

Print out a few copies of this picture of an Angel in various different sizes and color them in or leave plain white. Cut them out and glue the dotted flap to the other side.


Bend the wings forward slightly and the halo too for added effect. If you cut out lots of these angels all the same size and group them together you can have a complete chior of cute angels to brighten your christmas table. The kids coloured them in and everyone asked where they came from, so I thought you could share the fun we had last christmas.

More advanced angel decoration can be made using salt dough

Salt Dough Christmas Angels

Mix 200g flour with 100g salt and enough water to make a dough. After kneading for 10 minutes roll it out into sheets and cut out a body, wings and arms. just using water and a little pressue you can now stick the body on top of the wings and the arms on top of the body. Add a hole for a ribbon and then bake in a medium low oven for an hour. The dough is not edible but if painted and varnished will last for decades to come.

Once assembled, your angels can be painted. This one is simply decorated with white paint and then details have been added with a fine felt-tip pen.

decorated christmas angel

Just in case you are worried about copyright, I certify that these designs are my own work and anyone is free to copy it for non-commercial purposes. Merry Christmas one and all.


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